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Poems for the Lenten Season

by Sharon Mugg


“Remember you are dust

and to dust you shall return.”

An exhaled breath

I wait for you,

wasping through air

thicker than my skin.


in a womb soaked

in darkness,


drenching these




The places we inhabit have this way
Of echoing the stories that we tell
And dare not tell, reflections of the
Thousand little darks that in us dwell.

Transcendent God, you gathered into flesh,
Grew heavy, human bones, and fragile skin,
You entered in. You crossed our darkened thresholds
To linger in each wilderness within.

Abundant God, you chose our desolation,
Refusing bread of ease and fleeting taste,
You bore our emptiness within your body,
Thus preparing bread of life from waste.

King of Heaven, you renounced your throne;
To your father’s will alone, you bowed your head,
That you might raise the head of ravaged Eden,
That Heaven and Earth might wondrously be wed.

Your love now gathers in these little rooms,
New stories echo from this shadowed place,
Kaleidoscope of radiant hope flung high,
The spreading, fluid pattern of your grace.


Other Poems

From the Lenten Experience


In the beginning
You created
You recreated your nature
And it was good it was good it was so good

In the beginning
You created human in your nature
And you desired fellowship with us
And you gave us authority in your nature

And it was good it was good it was so good
And I believed the lies of the deceiver
I elevated my pride over your nature
I chose my life over your life and called it
human nature

And I'm still reeling from the decision of that division
But I cry to see you more clearly
I cry to see you more clearly
For all the ways I've gotten you wrong

I groan with your creation to get you right
Wash away all my delusions
You said blessed are the pure in heart
For they will see clearly your nature

Adrienne Toney