Why Anglican?

  Among those who received the sacrament of Confirmation during our 2017 Bishop's visit!

Among those who received the sacrament of Confirmation during our 2017 Bishop's visit!

“The Anglican Communion is the third largest body of Christians in the world, and earth’s largest Protestant denomination. It’s one of the most active, growing, and fruitful fellowships of churches on the planet. In North America, new Anglican congregations are popping up on a weekly basis. Many thousands of people are joining these churches. In the mid-twentieth century, the American version of the Anglican Church was a sleepy country club. Today, it’s part of an unexpected and amazing worldwide movement of God.”  - Thomas McKenzie

The Anglican Way: A Guidebook

St. Aidan’s is an example of this unexpected and amazing worldwide movement of God. Most of us come from different expressions of Christian faith and have found a spiritual home together. We are Christians first, then Anglicans, a type of Christian, one of the three great streams of historic Christianity. We love other expressions of the Christian tradition and pray for all churches "who call on the name of the Lord Jesus, their Lord and ours". So, for us, being Anglican isn’t about being superior. We don’t preach ourselves but Christ and him crucified, risen, reigning and returning. 

We have a deep commitment to the Holy Scriptures, the sacraments and the renewal of the Holy Spirit. We're committed to developing disciples and a missional culture. We are also connected at the heart to world missions with friends in Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, Zambia and Jordan. 

We’re a global community of over 85 million people on six continents comprising over 165 countries. The largest Anglican Province is Nigeria, containing some twenty million Anglican Christians.  The Global South (Africa, parts of Asia and Southern Cone) comprise 70% of the Anglican Communion. So, Anglicanism is vastly two-thirds world folks many of whom suffer under much persecution. And as the third largest body of Christians, under Roman Catholics and Eastern Orthodox, Anglicans continue to plant churches, starting new congregations all over the world. 

Notable Anglicans  

Among notable Anglicans, Florence Nightengale, shaper of modern nursing, Jennifer Worth, (author of her memoir, Call the Midwife); Abolitionists William Wilberforce and John Newton, author of Amazing Grace; English theoretical physicist, theologian, writer and Anglican priest, Sir John Polkinghorne; Literary giants C.S. Lewis, T.S. Eliot, John Donne, and John Keats; Theologians N.T. Wright, Leslie Newbigin, J.I. Packer, Oliver O'Donovan, Richard Bauckham, John Milbank, Os Guinness, John Stott, Alister McGrath, Lancelot Andrewes (oversaw the translation of the King James Bible); Martyrs Hugh Latimer, Thomas Cranmer, Nicolas Ridley, William Laud, and many others; Revivalists George Whitefield, John & Charles Wesley, founders of Methodism, passed this present life as Anglicans.  Evelyn Underhill, Fr. Andrew White, Vicar of Baghdad; contemporary worship song writers Matt Redman and Tim Hughes; Nicky Gumbel, Rector of Holy Trinity, Brompton (a thriving Anglican church in London) and framer of the Alpha Course. Come and join this communion of the saints!

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Anglican Overview