BELONG | BELIEVE | BECOME . . . more fully alive

All things were created through Jesus, the Word of God described in the Old Covenant (Genesis 1) and revealed in the New Covenant (John 1) as God's Word become fully human and fully divine.  All creation, indeed, every human being uniquely belongs to Him. 

Belonging requires no profession of faith and no formal commitments. As one's heart opens to the claims of Christ, God's gift of believing (faith) begins to grow. We come to "see" what has always been true about us: through our darkest moments, we've always been loved by God! God is love, calling us to belong, believe and become ... fully alive in Christ! 

Serving among us
Every person desires to make a difference. Before diving into service opportunities at St. Aidan's, we encourage a period of exploration, to know and be known. As bonds of relationship are strengthened, one can become a good gift. Because we all have unique stories, at table we begin to explore how one might employ one's gifts, over a coffee or meal. Jesus not only calls us to serve, he calls us friends. We desire to become clusters of friends on mission, the mission of God to reconcile all things to himself.  

Our Community is ... 

... Sacramental. God is actively working in our lives and the world. He is everywhere present and fills all things. As Jesus is the icon or image of the Father, so the Church, the Body of Christ, is the icon of Jesus Christ on earth. Christ makes himself present to us in Word and Sacrament. Because God became a human being in Jesus Christ, creation is being restored to its original intentions. All of life can be communion with God. We like to say that matter matters! Fr. Alexander Schmemann is a key resource of our sacramental worldview.  

... Contemplative. Our lives are arranged around the rhythms of communal prayer expressed in the Anglican Daily Office (Daily Prayer and Eucharist as a community) and the liturgical calendar, drawing us into the life and mission of Jesus. We encourage frequent times of slowing down, finding some silence and solitude, daily points of private prayer and contemplation, and fostering friendships in weekly House Communities, mission and playfulness. 

... Charismatic. Apart from the presence of the Holy Spirit, we can do nothing of any eternal value. We believe that every Christian is sealed with the Holy Spirit in baptism with a need to “keep on being filled with the Holy Spirit” Eph. 5:18. We seek to discern everyone's spiritual gifts (samplings in Ephesians 4, I Cor. 12-14 and Rom. 12) and encourage, in parallel, the cultivation of the Spirit’s fruits, becoming Christlike (Gal. 5:22f; Rom. 12:9-21).  

... Missional. We seek to discern points of need in our city where our availability and resources can serve the common good. Globally, we have active partnerships in Jos, Nigeria and Kampala, Uganda. We are part of the global Anglican Communion.


  • Communion - all of life lived in conscious communion with the Holy Trinity 

  • Community - growing together as an ever-widening spiritual family

  • Purpose - discovering one's personal divine imprint, one's vocation and mission in life

  • Hospitality - intentional, available, caring and drawing others into relationship

  • Generosity - devoting one's time, energy and income as stewards of God's mission  

  • Mission - sent into the world attentive to God and available to others 

  • Holy Church - the historic Church, united as one, holy, universal, apostolic people, past & present

  • Formation - an ongoing process of reproducing followers of Jesus who continue to invest in others