How do you serve at St. Aidan’s?
On various teams, such as Morning Prayer/Eucharist, Adult Discipleship, and the Preaching Team.

Married to Lisa for 31 years. Daughter Mercy and a son William and daughter-in-law Erin.

Where are you from?
Southern California, mostly. But Kansas for the last 13 years.

School/Work Experience?
B.A. in English, UC Irvine, 1989
M.A. in Biblical Studies, Westminster Seminary, California, 1995
I worked for 5 years as a pastor in an Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Mission Viejo, CA. I've also had various office and computer-related jobs, have worked as a skycap at the airport, as an instructor in SAT/ACT prep courses, and as a sixth grade teacher.

Fun, hobbies, interests?
I listen to Classical music. I read all kinds of things, both fiction and non-fiction. If I recover from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, I hope to write--again both fiction and non-fiction but definitely at least one novel.