How do you serve at St. Aidan’s?
Right now I'm serving St. Aidan's by leading a Wednesday Morning Prayer / Eucharist team. This has been a great way to re-center during the week and introduce friends to Anglican worship.

I just got married to my beautiful wife in October of last year, and am excited to build my family! 

Where are you from?
I'm a military kid, so am I allowed to say all over? I went to high school in Germany, so that was my last stop

School / work experience?
I went to Covenant College and studied Philosophy/Religion & Psychology. I currently work for an IT company as a Product manager.

Fun, hobbies, interests?
I'm incredibly social, so I like hanging out with friends. If not that, you'll find me reading, writing, or watching TV with my wife. I also like cooking, especially Italian.