How do you serve at St. Aidan’s?
I lead the Daily Morning Prayer and Eucharist teams. The morning worship shifts our focus to praise and thanksgiving rather than worry and fear. Our purpose is to be formed and molded by God’s redeeming love through daily prayer and holy communion. Come proclaim the risen Jesus Christ with us! Alleluia!
See http://www.staidanskc.org/daily-office

My parents reside in San Antonio, Texas and are celebrating 30 years of marriage December 2017! I have an older sister serving as a missionary in Slovenia and a younger brother on mission in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Where are you from? 
My first 12 years were spent in San Antonio, Texas. Years 12-18 were in Germany and
my college was spent in the Chicago land area. Now God has brought me here to wonderful Kansas City!

School/Work Experience? 
I work for Concorde Career College, helping college students be successful in a rewarding health care career.

Fun, hobbies, interests? 
Let’s hang out! Some would describe me as one of the biggest extroverts ever. I love meeting new people and getting deeper into relationships already made. I highly enjoy competition of any kind: Cards, board games, outdoor sports. Traveling to new places also is a huge passion of mine!