How do you serve at St. Aidan’s?
Read Scripture, serve Communion, shepherd Little Lambs, lead Morning Prayer, and now greet.

My husband of 30 years, Bill; my daughter Mercy, age 23 (she lives with us); my son William III (age 26) and my daughter-in-law Erin (they live in the Grandview area).  Most of our other family live in southern California.  Oh yes, and Timber, our dog in a cat suit (he loves meeting new people and loves people in general).

Where are you from? 
Born in southern California.  Grew up in Hawaii, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and finally southern California again.

School/Work Experience?  
I have a B.A. in Linguistics from UC Irvine.  Earning that degree did not go the way I hoped.  I hoped to learn lots of languages, or at least something about lots of languages.  Instead, all I got was some German, a little Spanish, a bit of ancient Greek, and a bit of French.

I have worked as an office drone for most of my adult life.  I love the job I have had for ten years now.  Our department enrolls the medical providers/therapists who want to work in Early Intervention programs (programs that help developmentally delayed infants and toddlers.)  We have contracts with five states to enroll their Early Intervention providers.

Fun, hobbies, interests? 
I love languages.  If I ever win the lottery, I will have the time to learn Russian and who knows what-all else.  Right now I am learning Norwegian so I can speak to my mother and aunt who are fluent (of course, they also speak perfectly good English, but what fun is that?).  I also love to read.  I love fiction but I have branched out into non-fiction in the last decade or so.  I really enjoy books on history.  I am so glad I live in an age where books about history are accessible to the common (wo)man.  I'm enjoying picking up all the European history that they never taught us in school.