We exist to worship and serve God by forming disciples fully alive in Jesus Christ. 

We seek to achieve this by belonging, believing and becoming a people of ... 

  • Devotion - in all of life, being prayerful, attentive, observant, available, in the present moment 

  • Compassion - for all people, irrespective of one's age, culture, race, class, gender, faith

  • Community - committed to growing together as an ever-widening spiritual family

  • Vocation - discovering one's divine imprint, one's calling and mission in life

  • Hospitality - intentional, available, caring for others 
  • Generosity - devoting one's time, energy and money as stewards not owners 

  • Mission - sent into the world, each day, as one's attentive to God and available to others - all locally and some globally (we are presently involved with friends in Jordan, Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria and Zambia)

  • Discipleship - an ongoing process of reproducing faithful followers of Jesus who continue to invest in others