How do you serve at St. Aidan’s?
I serve on the Parish Council as the Congregational Liaison and I work with a very caffeinated team of St. Aidan-ites, all of whom seem to enjoy brewing coffee after Sunday worship gatherings.

St. Aidan’s congregation is truly my KC family! My three sisters live on the Gulf Coast and don’t understand why I love the Midwest.

Where are you from? 
Grew up in a small town in southeast Arkansas, in the Delta.

School/Work Experience?  
Graduated from Vanderbilt with a bachelor of science in human and organizational development; masters of social work from Washington University. Vocation has been a mix of working with people and working with animals.

Fun, hobbies, interests? 
I need to meet a certain quota of outdoor time every week, and over the past year have picked up piano and photography again.